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We explain to you the dream of a table of hot, spoiled and delicious food cooked greedily with relatives at home with a person whom you love to give food in the dream of a single, married and pregnant woman with Ibn Sirin

Interpretation of food and eating in a dream

  1. Seeing that a person is eating or drinking in a dream may actually indicate hunger or thirst for this actual person, or it has another psychological connotation, which is emotional deficiency or deprivation and suppression.
  2. That a person’s vision of a dining table with many types of food and drink on it means the pleasures of life if this food is healthy and useful, but if it is unhealthy and unsound, then it indicates the end and the demise of this world
  3. Seeing that a person is eating food in his dream in a vicious and random manner exaggerated symbolizes this person’s selfishness and immersed in the lusts and pleasures of the world and his distance through good
  4. Eating food for joy or other occasions is a good news of you, as eating it in an orphanage is an illusion
  5. Eating food without limiting the time is a livelihood and benefit.
  6. Eating food specified in a specific season, such as vegetables, sustains for a certain time, and seeing the food of kings be a lift and glory.
  7. Eating pumpkins is a sign of following the Sunnah of guidance.
  8. Eat the food of scholars as guidance, knowledge and blessing.
  9. Eating police food is forbidden.
  10. Eat the food of the poor and those with asceticism and piety as guidance and repentance.
  11. Eating the food of the people of the desert indicates travel and transition from one state to another.
  12. Eating food with meat indicates the wealth of the poor, and if it is without meat, it indicates worship and poverty.
  13. Seeing the transformation of food into better food than it may indicate the goodness of the inside, and the transformation of food into spoiled or passed on indicates a change of husbands or professions
  14. Whoever sees that he cooks good food himself will get a position and get rich after poverty
  15. If you see someone else cooking for you, be aware of a potential trickster
  16. Seeing eating spicy food is a sign of choking in living
  17. Spoiled food that cannot be eaten may be a sign of illness and pain
  18. If a person sees that he is satisfied with his food, praise be to God, he will gain relief
  19. If he is sick and sees food being cooked for him, that is an indication of benefit and health
  20. Whoever sees that he is cooking food, he will obtain his desire if it is ripe, and if it is not done, then it will be the opposite
  21. Seeing food cooked without getting tired is a sign of goodness and comfort
  22. Whoever sees someone feeding him a nice morsel in his mouth, he will hear a pleasant speech or embrace one of his relatives
  23. If the food is spicy, this indicates distress in the living
  24. He who sees that he eats spoiled food and leaves the perfume, the forbidden will come and leave the lawful among the women
  25. Seeing finger licking is good, and licking a bowl is a sign of death or the end of livelihood
  26. From drinking food like water, his livelihood will expand
  27. Whoever eats what he hates from food, praise be to God, will get rid of his worries.
  28. He who enjoys some food will get spoil and joy, and whoever tastes food and hates it, he will die.
  29. Seeing that food has stopped in the throat is a sign of misfortune and distress, and chewing food and chewing is an indication of frequent speech.
  30. Seeing sharing food with others is an indication of a sense of value they have and providing them with assistance, and eating it with a group of individuals is evidence of harmony, familiarity, and material gain.
  31. Too much food in the dream indicates the absence of spiritual values ​​and fulfillment in your life, and the domination of love and pleasure over you.
  32. Refusing food in a dream indicates a desire for independence and self-reliance.
  33. Seeing eating junk food indicates a disregard for your emotions and your physical and mental health
  34. Seeing or eating burnt food in a dream may suggest that you are experiencing an upheaval and outpouring of emotion, or from exhausting and depleting your feelings.
  35. If you see in a dream that you are hungry and food is far from you and you cannot reach it, this indicates that you can be anxious and need someone to support you.
  36. When you see that you are eating breakfast in a dream, this indicates that you are about to enter a new phase in your life and are preparing for new projects
  37. Eating sweets in a dream suggests that you are immersed in the pleasures of life and enjoy them greatly and feel happy.
  38. Eating eggs or seeds in a dream usually indicates the birth of a child, especially for those suffering from infertility.
  39. Seeing a struggle for food indicates that you are experiencing a conflict between material and emotional matters in your life, and these struggles need to be resolved.
  40. Whoever saw that he was eating in an elegant and appropriate manner, such as eating with a fork and knife, preserving his appearance and keeping the place clean, indicates the poise of this person, sentimental and psychological
  41. Seeing the same person in a dream does not want to eat and eat from it even though the food is delicious and beautiful indicates that this person has many chances for success.
  42. Seeing eating hard or slow in a dream that the seeker sees things around him with a narrow perspective and a limited horizon and rejects many offers that aim to change his life for the better, such as a marriage or work offer, and it may mean the dispersion of this person’s thinking and lifestyle.
  43. Seeing that a person ate in a dirty and dirty place indicates that he is exposed to many health risks
  44. Eating a meal that contains dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, milk, etc., means profit, money and abundance.
  45. Eating fruits in a dream promises the next good
  46. Eating nuts in a dream has good tidings for making a profit in business or trade.
  47. Refusal to eat or drink in a dream indicates loneliness and fear of the unknown and the future, and the rejection of many life matters such as marriage or building friendships and love of isolation and estrangement.
  48. Binge eating and binge eating and not feeling full, means bad behavior and extravagance, or distinguishing this person with aggressive and hostile traits.
  49. Eating dust, sand, or plants and everything related to them means an intense desire to collect and collect money improperly, such as injustice, encroachment and injustice on others.
  50. Eating school tools such as books or pens means that the visionary is a lover of knowledge and learning has a good manners related to his religion, characterized by great intelligence and a strong devotion to his family, and carries the character of generosity and good reason and thinking
  51. Eating raw meat or grilled meat with the dead in a dream portends the death or illness of a known person or relative
  52. Gulling meat and eating it in general in a dream indicates enmity, gossip, hatred, hatred and violence on the part of the dreamer.
  53. Delicious and delicious eating in a dream means obtaining abundant livelihood and goodness as a result of the effort and fatigue he exerted in the previous period
  54. Eating in a woman’s dream expresses emotion and desire
  55. Eating in a single girl’s dream means her desire to get married and her need to feel a sense of motherhood
  56. Eating in a married woman’s dream means feeling distressed in matters related to money or a sense of emotional deprivation and lack of feelings on the part of the husband and children. The interpretation of the married woman’s vision of food applies to the pregnant, divorced and widowed woman

The dining table and giving a lot of food Distributing delicious food to the single woman who is married to the pregnant woman by Ibn Sirin with relatives with the beloved Eat food

Interpretation of eating food in a dream

  1. If you dream that you are eating alone, this means a loss and a depressed soul
  2. If you eat with others, this indicates personal profit, a fun environment, and successful undertakings
  3. If your daughter raised the meat dish in front of you before she finished eating, this foretells that you will fall into trouble and inconveniences for those who are below you or who depend on you. The same goes for a waiter or waitress
  4. Seeing Bishara eating wedding food and eating orphan food is distressing
  5. Seeing eating seasonal food a specific livelihood
  6. Seeing eating food that is not specified in time is a constant sustenance and benefit
  7. And seeing the food of the kings Ezz and Rifa’a eat
  8. Eat the food of scholars as guidance, knowledge and blessing
  9. Police food is forbidden money
  10. He ate the food of the poor, piety and repentance
  11. Eat the food of the people of the desert travel and move
  12. Seeing eating food that has meat indicates wealth
  13. Seeing eating spicy food chokes the living
  14. Seeing eating very acidic food is an indication of illness and pain
  15. Seeing someone feeding you a nice morsel in your mouth is an indication that you hear good words
  16. Spicy or spoiled bite, it is fatigued to live
  17. Seeing eating spoiled food and letting go of the good indicates committing the forbidden and leaving the lawful
  18. Seeing a finger licking after eating is okay
  19. Seeing a bowl lick after eating is death and the end of livelihood
  20. Seeing drinking food as water denotes an expansion of living
  21. Seeing eating what he hates from food, praise be to God, indicates relieving worries
  22. Delighting with food, get spoils and joy
  23. Stopping food in the throat indicates misfortune and distress
  24. Chewing food indicates a lot of talking

Interpretation of eating food in a dream – YouTube

Interpretation of eating in a dream – Food YouTube

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Types of dreams

  • The vision: It is a positive and beloved matter, and it is from God Almighty, and a person may see something that indicates good and God promises him, or God warns man in a vision about something and evil.
  • The dream: It is a negative and bad matter, and it is from Satan, God forbid, and a person may see in a dream many things in his life and nightmares in particular, and the Messenger (PBUH) ordered us to seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan and blow on his left three times, where he sees something bad in the dream.
  • Pipe dreams: It is not a bad or positive and beloved matter, but rather a group of desires, lusts, or fears present in the subconscious, that is, inside the human being.

Is it permissible to read dream interpretation books, and consider including them?

I do not know of any embarrassment in reading books of interpretation, Ibn Sirin and others. Dream books benefit from the seeker of knowledge, but he does not rely on it but with evidence. A good vision, praise God for it, such as: He saw that he agreed with him in religion, he saw that he entered Heaven, this thank God for that, he saw that he was righteous to his parents, he saw that he preserves the prayers, all this is good, thank God for that.

If he sees what he hates, such as seeing that he fell into a well, or that he was killed, or that he was drinking wine, or something similar, this is from Satan, if he saw his command the Prophet to leave his left three times, and say: I seek refuge in God from Satan, and from evil I have not seen – three times – then he turns on his other side; It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it.

The one who crosses the vision looks at what the Prophet said, knows the hadiths received, benefits from the books, but does not depend on the words of so-and-so, relies on hadiths, legal evidence, and legal clues to benefit him, and confirms matters, and the vision only expresses insight, and if in doubt, He says: Perhaps such-and-such, and perhaps such-and-such, and the Prophet When he was asked about the righteous vision, he said: God praises it when he sees what he loves, or what he pleases. ﷺ: If one of you sees something that he hates, let him spit three times on his left, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he saw – three times – and then turn on his side the other, because it does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it. This is a great approach that the Prophet showed.

O Muslim and Muslim woman: If a person sees what he loves, such as he sees that he prays in a legitimate way, he sees that he is learning a science that is consistent with religion, he sees that he has entered Paradise, and what is like that of good hypocrisy, he sees that he is sitting with the righteous and the good, he sees that in the circles of knowledge, this is a good vision, praises God, he says: Praise be to God, if he wakes up, praise be to God, he will be pleased with this thing, and he tells his loved ones and loved ones, there is nothing wrong with it.

But if he sees what he hates, he sees that he is hitting, or threatening, or that he is with the wicked, or that he entered the fire, or that he is sick, or similar things that are hated, if he wakes up in fear of them, he hated them, then the Messenger had instructed him that: he should get away from His left three times, and he says: I seek refuge in God from Satan and the evil of what I saw – three times – then he turns on his other side. It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it and that ﷺ This is from the Devil, that this vision is from the Devil to grieve a person, to harm him, to show him this vision to grieve him to harm him, so Satan should not acknowledge and comfort him, no; Rather, he should be the enemy of Satan, seek refuge in God from Satan, turn away from his left three times, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he has seen, until Satan provokes, then he turns on his other side, as the Prophet, and does not tell about it, he does not say : I saw I saw, he leaves her, she does not harm him, praise be to God. Yeah.


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